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Kent Informatics, Inc. is a small bioinformatics software company based in Santa Cruz, California. We provide scientists with tools to analyze the human genome, particularly, BLAT - The BLAST-like Alignment Tool. Our clients include pharmaceuticals, genomics, and bioinformatics companies. Our software is always free for universities and non-profit institutions.

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Genome BLAT

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BLAT is a bioinformatics software a tool which performs rapid mRNA/DNA and cross-species protein alignments. BLAT is more accurate and 500 times faster than popular existing tools for mRNA/DNA alignments and 50 times faster for protein alignments at sensitivity settings typically used when comparing vertebrate sequences. (Source: Kent, W.J. 2002. BLAT -- The BLAST-Like Alignment Tool. Genome Research 4: 656-664.)

BLAT is not BLAST. DNA BLAT works by keeping an index of the entire genome (but not the genome itself) in memory. Since the index takes up a bit less than a gigabyte of RAM, BLAT can deliver high performance on a reasonably priced Linux box.

BLAST Farm Headaches Got You Down?

BLAST farm thrashing and crashing? Nodes down and out of sync? Systems administrators frazzled and grumpy? Still waiting after a month for all of those ESTs to align and now there's a new genome assembly? Server hard disk filled yet again?

BLAT will do in a day what BLAST will do in a month, and in many cases a single CPU will handle the load. The output is small and easy to parse. Splice sites are found without exon bleed-over. Give your staff and your server a rest and switch to BLAT today.

Please contact us for licensing information, installation instructions, and a thirty-day free trial.

In-Silico PCR

This bioinformatics tool searches a sequence database with a pair of PCR primers. It uses an indexing strategy to do this quickly. When the search is successful the output is a fasta format sequence file containing all the regions in the database that lie between the primer pair.

You can try out In-Silico PCR interactively.

Please contact us for licensing information, installation instructions, and a thirty-day free trial.

The UCSC Genome Browser

Kent Informatics, Inc. does not own the UCSC Genome Browser. This popular research tool is available for commercial license directly from UCSC. Please go to for more information. Check our portfolio from clients around the world.


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